Best News!

          Best News!  no surgery this year.  had an appointment with my favorite surgeon.  he had been called to the hospital so actually saw his PA, Valerie. Seems Michael whent back to what ever country he came from. too bad- he was great eye candy. 

         this is the knee that had a anterior cruciate replaced and tendons repaired about 30 some years ago. it’s been giving me problems for the last year.  had xrays taken and we talked about options for the future.  for now i’m getting cortisone shots. the feeling is this should hold things for while. then she told me i’m a good candidate for a new treatment that’s not quiet ready yet where they inject new fluid between the bones to replace the cartilage.  am feeling much better already. i can stand in the shower and the knee doesn't shift to compensate the sloping floor.  when that happens the pain is immediate and off the chart. right now it’s staying stable on it’s own. plus i’m sleeping better - no pain.  feeling so much better already. 

          I did make a start on warping the gilmore. every little bit of progress counts. 

20191110 130520

          but first i want to show off what Grrr made. he’s back into turning pens. it’s an acrylic of some kind and beautiful. he calls it a rope twist. i much prefer the skinny pens but it’s beautiful. 

          have been working on a written handout for the tapestry class. got it down to one page. Concise and simple. most of the class will be watch this as i do it and explain. the handouts mostly talk about warp and weft relationship. what works best and what doesn’t . still have more samples to make and of course i’ve got way more ideas than time. will post pictures of those at a later time. Spent time with a local couple that weave tapestry and used to teach here. They have amazing Navajo blankets and smaller tapestries all over their walls. they are donating plastic tubs of wool to the class. didn’t take it all. would have needed a truck. picked primarily teals, blues, rusts and oranges and box of browns. more than enough to get started. it’s a different size that what i have been using so that means even more samples. 

20191114 114121

          got this smaller quilt done on Lola.  all batiks and nothing fancy.  this quilt had Louie supervising from the side of Lola’s table. the photo shows him peering over the edge of the extra batting width.           

20191114 113645


          next mounted a huge opportunity raffle quilt for the quilt club and the backing is too short. am waiting for a rescue.  width is perfect. but the backing is exactly the same length as the top. HUGE!.  a very soft outdoor woodsy feel to it. plan on stitching leaf shapes all over. Contacted the owner who is across the country and when she gets back will deal with it. she’s contemplating removing the pale blue border. i disagree, it definately needs a border. (however it’s not my quilt).  we’ll discuss it when she’s back. 

this is why we live here!.

have a good week everyone. 

till next time.