firemen to my rescue

          took another spill.  sat on the edge of my bed and slid right off onto the floor. tried calling Grr but he takes his hearing aids out when he’s in bed so made about 15 calls before i managed to wake him up. he came in and looked at where i was and told me to call 911.  now my bedroom is fairly large but 5 firemen (they don’t make small firemen!) plus Grr it got crowded. by that point i had pulled pillows and the blanket off the bed and had decided to just sleep on the floor where i was. have been asked if they were all good looking. couldn’t really tell i was looking a knees (with no scars)they had great way to get me up. wrapped my pool towel under my arms. the guy in front of me held my hands together so as to not wreck a shoulder and with one on each side they simply lifted me off the floor. however in the morning i couldn’t get out of bed without help. Grrr took me to my chriopractor and am better. was having back spasms. and every time i land on the floor it takes all my confidence away from any progress i’ve made since the last tumble. 

          do have another dr appointment on wednesday. plan on asking for an examination of my right ankle. and i don’t want to admit it but now my left knee is grinding and growling. i just can’t face another surgery!  saw my dr and she’s putting me in contact with a class on balance and how to get up on your own when you’r on the floor. 

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          had a good visit with Janet Skoog. she attends the class on balance that i’m going to be attending. sounds like it’s really helped her.i’m looking forward to it. 

             am seeing my chiropractor several times a week. it’s slowely getting better but have 2 more appointments to go. spent wednesday at the spinning group. and fridaay i attended a knitting group, someone there can hopefully teach me how to read a knitting chart. 


         i’m working hard to stay away from politics but this article got my attention. 

Is Trump Crazy Or Just    Stupid? i vote for crazy but click here to make your own judgement.   

          curious to see how Chewbacca deals with the chaos. he doesn’t like change. we moved his food and water dish and still he looks in the wrong place for his breakfast. poor baby. 




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