first day of therapy class


          Brian , my therapist told me my balance was bad because my thigh muscles weren’t stong enough. and that i should be able to do 10 laps of the therapy room is 6 minutes. only able to do 6 laps.  am also supposed to be able to stand on one foot without hanging onto anything with out tipping over. 

20201021 215705

          on to the remodeling of the kitchen. so far it’s all been demolishing. Chewbacca is traumatized and twitchy and so am i . as long as he’s in my lap he’s relaxed. currently there is plastic sheeting over the door ways and carpeting. removing the floor tiles was dusty nasty work. all the plastic sheeting has been removed to allow the floor to dry out. 

          and we’re back to a giant dumpster in the drive way and a port-a-potty in the side yard. 

20210724 103750

          refrig and coffee pot are in the living room. dining table is sitting over the coffee table. food stuff in stacked on a folding table in front of the slider. so far we’ve been eating out.

          have finally gotten some rain and is much cooler today. am even wearing long pants, which irritates my scar. and 2 night ago the lightening show was amazing out the bedroom window. 

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Grrr has also posted several photos on FB of our chaos. 

updates next week. 


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