Lots of visiting

          for whatever reason this year i kind of miss doing the snow bird thing. years past when we went back home for the summer i was able to be so productive  There were none of the social things (except once a moth at dt’s) there were weeks i seldom left the house except for groceries. was able to get out of bed, have my coffee, check email and go into the studio and spend all day doing what i do in there.  construction is done for the year. still have  stuff at the condo so haven’t completely moved in but those things can wait. don’t understand what my problem is. is it discipline? is it lack of focus? too many options? 

          Louie has claimed the patio. last week he wouldn’t cross the threshold. he’d been told ‘no' so many times that now he was afraid to even try it. saturday morning i opened the slider and he buzzed right out and sat on his cat tree.  he knows where his door is but at this point it’s a test to see how much i love him, wether i’ll open the door for him. 

          last weekend i moved all his stuff (rug, litter box, food, etc). showed him where it was and de-cat'ed my bathroom. took a shower in my own shower for the first time in months. after getting out of the shower, even while the floor was still wet he marched in there and peed in the drain. looked me right in the eye while he was doing it. beast!  just had to demonstrate how much he doesn’t like change, but he’s accepted that his litter box is now in the patio and is using it.  we’re both much happier. 

still no furniture out there. it’s on the ‘one of these days’ list. 

          had my allergy report dr visit. dust and cats. CATS!!!  where’d that come from. i’ve had cats all my life. Louie is the first long hair but still. he doesn’t sleep with me. he’s not a lap cat. dr suggested i trade him in for a dog. told her it didn’t work that way. and dust. of course, this is arizona. going to have to live with it. . so now i’m on allergy meds and so far it seems to be working. 

          grrr had his consult with the cataract dr.  yes he needs surgery. silly man was convinced he wasn’t going to need it. However they told him it should make a significant difference in how well he sees so we are doing it. the dr is scheduled out thru the middle of July so it’s going to be a while. 

          the kids are here and Louie is inside out with happiness. it obscene how much he loves Shelly. then surprise - surprise. they want to look at condos. Steven will turn 55 shortly and they will be old enough to purchase property here. we’re delighted. It would be a snowbird type arrangement but they want a place that can be rented while they’re not here. 

          very little accomplished this week. been weaving at the studio but it’s a narrow warp and here at home just a little at a time. the warp and weft are tencel threaded with a stagered twill. it’s wide and my shoulders are out of practice so a little goes a long way. Lola is still at the hospital. she should be coming come this week. 

          Louie says Hi

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