my soul can unclench now


               a huge congratulations to democracy! Joe Biden and Kamala. the grown ups have taken control. 

                this is Eugene Goodman, the cop who walked Kamala down the capital steps. has anybody else noticed the handwoven scarf he’s wearing. 


 Trump still is trying to 

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          trump is still trying to convince people that he won the election. his family looks to be crying. poor babies.  no sympathy here. time to go find a real job. and possibly hire a good attorney. But hopefully he’s off the daily news stations.    it’s time to move on. i’m curious to hear what Melania is going to do. Maybe file for divorce? 

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           both grrr and i have been trying to make an appointment for the vaccine but they are booked thru February. we need more pharmacies to step up. 

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          have been fighting a sinus infection  but it’s getting better. Maybe because i haven’t been feeling well this week neither has Chewbacca. not sure if i should have him checked. he’s still eating.and i still go hit the re-cycle button on his litter box every morning. 

           spent wednesday glued to the tv. am so greatful there was no violence. everything i saw was calm and classy.  that’s the way i’m hoping/expecting the next 4 year term to be. Today is both an end and a beginning, but that doesn’t mean the stress of the past 4 years is going anywhere.

          haven’t spent time in the studio but a washington friend sent me several photos of her latest quilt. Fits with the current attitude. i had to promise not to mention her name!

IMG 4444 (Custom)IMG 4442 (Custom)



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   I can’t believe that people still don’t understand how to wear a simple face mask. what is the matter with the human race???? do they not breath thru their noses?  i’ve never potty trained a toddler so will leave it up to evryone else to figure out how to convince adults to' mask up!’


and i’m loving all the Bernie meme’s!. a fellow weaver put him in my studio. there are times that it’s that cold in there. thanks for this Gen.



wany are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we my eye doctor  energized. It can be difficult to identify wmthsho we even are. How about blood t. woke