this is a test that worked!

                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!          

          this is a test to see if my new Mac will accept my old web site building software. had to contact my web hosting folks, when i went to publish it complained about a different IP address. contacted them and they changed the IP address for the incoming data and i’m in business again. 

20191223 132456

 was just that simple. 

           need to thank the computer GODS. certanly making my life easier. 

          he really does expect me to read his furry little mind. can’t convince him life is not always so serious but he’s not buying it. 

          the holidays are over and i can come out of hybernation now. time to hit the ground running. my calendar for january is full.  Hybernation has been productive. have 2 baby blankets woven, started the third, 4 scares, 2 sets of place mats put together (just need to do the appliqué stitching) 

20191227 111551


           the photo shows a pile of woven items that need finishing.  fringe twisted, ends cleaned up, washed, pressed, etc.  as much as i love working on the loom this is the part i avoid. 

          same with quilting. once it’s quilted it’s done. that’s why the quilting group i belong to gets a lot of quilts that need bindings. i have a similar pile (6) of quilts that need trimming and bindings. this week i’ll take them to the club room to trim. maybe one or two i’ll bring back and bind. depends on much i like them.

          this week i also had an appointment for more breathing tests. what made it more interesting is that the lab tech who administered the tests also has sarcoidosis. his is in his chest cavity.  I’ve been aware that a person can get it in any organ and you need to avoid flair ups once it’s in remission.  have only met 2 others with this disease in my whole life. didn’t get a chance to ask him if they determined how he got it.       



                              as for my new years resolution.   

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      time to go wash my hair!