staying calm


          had a good visit with a couple of snowbirds that just got back from Colorado. everyone stayed 6 feet apart and i wore a mask. they have gotten into making bread and sent a loaf home with us. wonderful! broke my diet for the day and had a piece of toasted home made bread with lots of butter with my dinner salad. 

          now grrr’s on the hunt for a bread machine and slicer. which means we have to go grocery shopping for flour and yeast. items i have never considered owning. 

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          took my car in for service. Was asked if i liked it.   i do - so why do you only have 4 thousand miles on a 2 year old forrester.  i don’t go far. everything is closed. i do drive to Phoenix every week for my nutritionist. the grocery store, and drug store are only blocks away. getting together with my germ pod friends is about a 2 mile drive. 

          had my appoitment with the cataract doctor. will be getting this fixed long before the knee. and hopefully i’ll notice a difference like grrr did. willl be fixing the left eye december 8 and the right eye December 29. the surgery is done in Scottsdale but they provide transportation back and forth.  all grrr needs to do is get me to the office in surprise and then come pick me up later in the day. 


          can you believe November 17 and it’s 90 degrees outside. and wednesday it’s supposed to be even hotter. we still haven’t turned on the heat in the house. and people don’t believe in climate change. just walk outside. at least we don’t have hurricanes and tornados, fires and floods. just heat. 

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          spending Thursday with my germ pod people. i feel silly admitting how much i look forward to the days we get together. most often we don’t do any handwork. just hang out and compare how we’re surviving.  and this is the best cartoon of how to handle a busy body cat when your on the computer. 

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          If Chewbacca would only stay in his cat tree we’d be fine but he’s always wanting to help  by walking or napping on the keyboard. and even with spell check the mac can’t figure out what he’s telling you.  

       Lost another pound. Am down 21 pounds so far. My contract with the nutritionist is done. no more driving to phoenix every week. we discussed thanksgiving. she gave me the day off from the diet but the next morning i’m right back on. told me if december doesn’t go well to call in january and we’d pick up where we left off in November. i think she’s more pround of me than i am. so far im not seeing it in myself. usually the hollows in my face start to look gaunt but not so far.                                                         

             trump is simply wanting attention. so let’s not give it to him. let the secret service and Biden deal with his childish behavior. i’m done. 

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          enough for this week. going to attempt to make a loaf of bread in grrr’s new kitchen toy. his first attempt went into the garbage. Not sure what he did wrong but now it’s my turn to mess it up.